Available courses

Accredited Civil and Commercial Course Greece

The EICR and ADR-ODR International’s civil commercial course is a culmination of over 20 years of mediation teaching, pedagogy and skills orientated development.  The EICR & ADR-ODR faculty are international experts in the field of mediation and regularly teach mediation, negotiation and ADR.  All EICR & ADR-ODR faculty members are practising mediators and have undertaken at least 10 mediation cases per year for over 5 years.  The EICR & ADR-ODR course has been designed to ensure latest developments in the field of mediation including a clear understanding of the relationships between mediation and other forms of dispute resolution.  All of the faculty are international speakers on the International ADR circuit.

The Civil Mediation Council, UK and the International Academy of Dispute Resolution, USA accredit EICR and ADR-ODR courses. In addition this training is currently delivered in the following countries and accepted as accredited courses in Kenya, India, South Africa, UAE, USA, Cyprus and France.

Delegates will not only be able to sit the exams from the Greek Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights to become accredited mediators according to the law of Greece, but also hold an international accreditation and undertake cross border cases and International cases.